Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today we have two new action Xbox Live releases to check out. First up is a Square Enix published 4-player game called Moon Diver which looks pretty neat alongside another action game titled Bangai-O HD. Moon Diver will set you back 1200 MSP ($15), while Bangai-O HD will cost 800 MSP($10).

Check out more below!

"The Earth lies in ruins. In the year 2081, five warriors suddenly appeared during an eclipse and began the fight to take back Earth. Introducing MOON DIVER, an easy-to-control side-scrolling action game for 1–4 players. Get ready for non-stop acrobatic action on the ground, walls, and even ceilings! Characters can level up, gain new abilities, and unleash devastating special attacks known as MoonSault Combinations!"

Link To Trial- Moon Diver Trial (332 MB)

Link To Full Game- Moon Diver (1200 MSP)

"Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury is an innovative and insanely addicting, omni-directional arcade shooter combined with puzzle elements that feature a screen-filling, sensory overload of thousands of missiles! Loaded with more than 100 levels, players will conquer challenging obstacles, collect power-ups, and annihilate swarms of enemies and missiles to clear a level! Key game highlights include: a Level Editor Tool, which allows players to design and share their own levels with friends; a unique design style evident in the insane gameplay, from the types of enemies to the award system of collecting delectable fruit; and a combo system that lets players build up devastating counter attacks of up to 1,000 missiles for an explosive advantage!an explosive advantage!"

Link To Trial- Bangai-O HD Trial (259 MB)

Link To Full Game- Bangai-O HD (800 MSP)

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