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Dragon Age II was released this past Tuesday for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. I personally picked it up for 360, and have been having a great time with it. I was curious to see what other people thought about it, and after browsing through a few forums focused on the game, I found that the sequel seems to be receiving some mixed reactions among a substantial amount of people.

The main negativity from the sequel seems to be it's initial changes, such as the combat, simplified customization and story mechanics influenced by Bioware's other Major RPG, Mass Effect. These changes were not doubt made to appeal to more players, as the same changes made from Mass Effect 2 were focused on getting more player into the action. It paid off greatly for Mass Effect, but I believe the original was a more casual RPG affair in the beginning.

Dragon Age: Origins was a pure RPG, through and through. It was more like KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), and although I've sunk a good amount of time into the game, I still haven't completed it. I still wanted to pick up Dragon Age II, and after playing the initial demo, I was really impressed. The first thing I noticed was the new combat. When you want to attack, you press a button, just like an Action RPG. It was fun, and I like it, but many want the auto attack system used by Origins, and the PC versions of the game.

Maybe there will be an update made available for players who want to experience the game as they played last time, while still giving more accessible options for casual players new to RPG games. Overall, Dragon Age is a fun game to play, but has created some friction with players who want to play the way they want, which is totally understandable.

I'm not sure when I'll have a review of the game up, but look out for it in the near future!

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