Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party will be kicking off February 16th with the release of Hard Corps: Uprising. I'll be waiting for March 2nd, since that is when Beyond Good & Evil HD will be released and for only 800 MSP! Can't wait. I have Torchlight on Steam, but It'll be interesting to see how the game plays with a controller when it comes out March 9th. All but two games will cost 800 MSP $10), so this time you might be able to grab a few and have points left over for others.

Check out the Here scheduled dates below:

February 16 Hard Corps: Uprising, 1200 Microsoft Points

February 23 Bejeweled Blitz, 800 Microsoft Points

March 2, Beyond Good & Evil HD, 800 Microsoft Points

March 9 Torchlight, 1200 Microsoft Points

March 16 Full House Poker, 800 Microsoft Points

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