Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December! Today for XBLA releases, Unbound Saga makes it way for 800 MSP ($10), the Free Spunky Cola Special addon for Monday Night Combat and you can get some big thrills with new content for Trials HD. Check out more on each below:

"Get a taste of the smashtastic adventure of Unbound Saga, a 3D side-scrolling brawler set in a satirical comic book universe, where enemies are drawn onto the screen and madcap battles travel from panel to panel through a twisted, post-apocalyptic landscape! Realtime physics and destructible objects turn anything into a weapon, so grab the controller and RAGE OFF THE PAGE!"

Link To Trial- Unbound Saga Trial (555 MB)

Link To Full Game- Unbound Saga (800 MSP)

"Spunky Cola Special DLC: The first DLC for Monday Night Combat that is completely free. Play Crossfire mode online in the new Spunky Cola Arena. Bring yourself and your closest friends into the new Super Sudden Death Blitz mode played in the amazing Suvivitol Arena. This DLC also features expanded private match options, updates to existing arenas, and many more features to make your Monday Night Combat gaming even better. Spunky Cola Special now with more arenas, more ProTags, more explosions, more awesome and churros!"

Link To Content- Spunky Cola Special (493 MB)

"Thrill for more Trials HD! This second DLC for the award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade game includes 40 all new tracks, including the 10 best user-created tracks from the Big Thrills contest. There are also 3 new achievements you can unlock for 50 more Gamerscore. With more than one million copies sold, it's time to try Trials and see why this was voted the number one Xbox LIVE Arcade game by Xbox 360 fans just like you!"

Link To Content- Unbound Saga Trial (400 MSP/8 MB)

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