Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hydrophobia had it's fair share of issues when it released this summer, but with a new title update and discounted price, it hopes to get your attention. After downloading the 4 MB update, I checked it out for a few minutes and the fixes are initially noticeable. The waypoints to your goals help a lot, and the camera is zoomed in more like a standard 3rd person shooter which I like, and the remapped controls are much better. Check it out if you already bought or videos of before and after if you haven't to see the differences. I might even play through it again and do a Re-Review, but not sure yet. Check out more below:

"Engage in mind blowing “flow combat” where emergent gameplay results in a never-the-same-twice experience. Unleash floating oil fires, electricity and the power of the water itself to wipe out your enemy as you discover the terrifying truth of the Malthusian agenda; Save the World, Kill Yourself."

Link To Trial- Hydrophobia Trial (1.1 GB)

Link To Full Game- Hydrophobia (800 MSP)

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