Posted by : Unknown Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is going to take me quite some time to review as it's a huge game full of things to do, but I wanted to write a bit about how the game has treated me so far. Haven't run into the really bad bugs the game has been dishing out to some, but the game has frozen on me on three occasions which is pretty unpleasant. As I write this, a patch should be out for the console version, and the PC users should already have one to remedy the game breaking bugs. I wish they would have taken a bit more time to find and fix the bugs, but Fallout 3 originally had the same problem, but I still loved that game. It's like you have to almost look past the bugs and realize that the developers have crafted a massive world full of plenty of quests, weapons, and items to discover.

Ok, enough on the bugs, I'll talk about the game itself now. New Vegas plays almost exactly like Fallout 3 did in 2008, albeit some minor changes to the gameplay formula. It seems like you're able to explore the desert wasteland pretty quickly and there is no real tutorial since Obsidian seems that if you're playing New Vegas, you probably played Fallout 3, but there is information that recaps how to lock-pick, heal your limbs, use V.A.T.S, and the overall flow of the game.

Bugs aside, it seems to be a good follow-up to Fallout 3, so look out for a review for that in the near future

Fable III

Originally I was on the fence about getting Fable III. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed every game in the series so far, but all have always come short of the promises that were made from each game. The main feature that I was so excited to delve into with Fable II was it's co-op, and instead I was restricted to one screen and forced to play as a henchmen despite playing with a friend on Xbox Live. Well it seems Lionhead heard our cries and all of the has changed with Fable III, and overall so far the game seems to be the best in the series.

The great elements from the series are still here with a great world to interact with alongside the cheeky British humor, but now it's backed with a great storyline and simple controls.

I'm only a few hours in right now, but I hope to have a review in the near future, hopefully before Black Ops releases.

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