Posted by : Unknown Friday, September 3, 2010

25 Times the XP. Golden Weapons for Everyone. Torque Bow wielding enemies. Yep, this is how I will spend Labor Day weekend.

While PAX-goers enjoy getting a sneak peek at Gears of War 3, Epic hasn't forgotten about those Gears fans at home and nowhere near Seattle and has flipped the switch once again for some Gears 2 XP action. Players will have another shot to get their wings, while those that never got to wield a Golden Lancer and Hammerburst will have a chance from Friday until Tuesday morning.

If you're playing some Horde with friends, just be careful peeking out of cover for explosive arrows wielded now by Drones, and Grenadiers.

Once again you enjoy all this great 25x XP action until Tuesday morning.

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