Posted by : Unknown Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best Arcade game ever?

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was great and offered hours of gameplay for only $5, and Dead Rising 2 is only a few days away. Downloads for the prequel impressed Capcom and they have recently announced Dead Rising 2: Case West. Case West takes place after the story of Dead Rising 2, and will feature co-op with players controlling Chuck Greene and Dead Rising alumni Frank West. Awesome! Let's hope the price will remain the same, since the low entry price really helped Case Zero get out to a wider audience.

As for Dead Rising 2, I am super excited. I still have my original copy of Dead Rising from 2007 when I got my first Xbox 360. It's been about a month too since I unlocked all the achievements, and I'm ready for more zombie action. Monday after class I plan on playing through Dead Rising and Case Zero one more time, just to be a bit more prepared.

Reach just came out, and Dead Rising 2 will be here soon. Man this has a been a great month for gaming!

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