Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Liar? Cheat? Be both in Red Dead Redemption!

Red Dead Redemption has been supported with a steady flow of downloadable content, and today you can check out another one. The Liars and Cheats pack includes online play for Poker and Liars Dice, as well as new modes more multiplayer and new characters to use including John Marston himself. Check out more details below:

"The world of Red Dead Redemption multiplayer expands again with the new Liars and Cheats Pack. Challenge friends to horse races, try your luck with multiplayer Poker or Liar's Dice or hold your ground in the new Stronghold competitive mode. Reduce your enemies to dust with the Explosive Rifle. Play as legendary heroes and villains from the single-player story as you take on several new Gang Hideouts and Hunting Grounds in Free Roam."

Link To Content- Liars & Cheats (800 MSP/ 113 MB)

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