Posted by : Unknown Monday, August 23, 2010

Crackdown 2 had some avatar awards descriping Toy Box, so we kinda knew this was coming, but now it has been officially announced and sounds like a lot of fun.

Toy Box will be the first Game Add-on Crackdown 2 and will feature free and premium content which will cost 560 MSP. to keep the guns blazing and the bodies flying long after you rid Pacific City of crime and injustice.

Keys to City returns and will be the free piece of content, alongside a new ability: The Thruster.

Reach Level 6 on all Agent skills, and you will be rewarded with the Thruster Ability, which is "like having jetpacks for your boots", and allows you to fly instead of just gliding with the Wingsuit.

Vehicle Tag will also be included with the free pack, a mode where eight Agents can compete in arenas and battle it out in a brutal version of tag.

For those that pluck down the points, you will get all the free content alongside two new vehicles, five new weapons and gadgets, two avatar awards, and 10 more achievments to go after, and 8 new agency colors to choose from.

Look out for this content soon!

Source- Major Nelson's blog

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