Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Platinum Games upcoming action shooter Vanquish has a playable demo to check out today, as well as 2K Marin's Bioshock II dlc titled "Minerva's Den". Check out more details below:

"Boost into the ultra-fast and frenetic third-person-action-shooter, Vanquish. Boost from cover point to cover point blasting robot enemies with your transforming weapon pod. Use the high-tech Augmented Reaction Suit to amplify your senses to a critical state and get the drop on your opponents, thrashing before they ever knew what hit them. If enemies get too close, punch, kick and pummel them into scrap. See what the "action" in third-person-action-shooter is really all about. VANQUISH OFFICIAL DEMO - VELOCITY ATTACK is set in the landing bay of the Providence Space Colony in a desperate fight to gain control of the facility. But the enemy has more in store as the massive Argus robot emerges to dominate the battlefield."

Link To Demo- VANQUISH (467 MB)

"Minerva's Den offers a brand-new, self-contained BioShock story, presenting a side of Rapture you've never seen before. Seek out the tools you'll need to unlock new goals and spaces in the order you choose. Face Rapture's full range of opposition as you increase in power---a new challenge is always right around the corner. Expand your combat abilities with the experimental Ion Laser and chaotic Gravity Well Plasmid, unique to Minerva's Den. Face off against the new Lancer Big Daddy, the most advanced Protector that Rapture ever produced. Explore every shadowy corner of Minerva's Den, unraveling the mysterious past of The Thinker's inventor, and the dark secrets hidden within the unfeeling, omniscient machine he created."

Link To Content- Minerva's Den (800 MSP/ 1 GB)

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