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UFC Undisputed 2010 improves on the formula that 2009 established while tweaking all the minor problems that the original game contained. There are more fighters, more options for online play, a bigger career mode, and plenty of tutorials to understand the aspects of MMA you will need to have in order to score the victory against your opponents. So you wanna be a fighter? This is how!

The great thing about Undisputed 2010 is that the fighter’s animations all have improved greatly and react just like their real-life counterparts so fights look and feel as if you’re watching a live PPV. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are back of course to commentate on the matches, and actually talk less about the fighters this time, and more about the moves that they are doing inside the octagon.

This year, you’ll also have more options on how you want to fight inside the octagon as well. Clinching still provides a good set up in starting some devastating knees and uppercuts, while giving you some room to initiate a takedown, or use the sides of the cage to your advantage, a new addition for 2010. All fighters can use this technique, but the wrestlers you will face will have a better chance of taking you down.

Most of your favorite fighters are here and accounted for, and with over 100 to choose from, so you’ll have no problem picking someone else when people complain “not to pick GSP” when you play online. If you don’t want to use these fighters, you can always create one, and the options in Undisputed 2010 gives you more freedom to create the fighter you want. Instead of choosing a discipline to use, you will be able to learn moves from the various martial arts used by the best of fighters. Do you want Chuck Liddell’s overhand right, and GSP’s spinning back kick? All you have to do is learn them in career mode and the move will be yours.

The career mode this time gives your custom fighter a voice and more options when training, but there are still plenty of menu’s you will have to sift through in order to get to your next fight. Having a voice allows your fighter to participate in interviews, and the responses you choose will increase your respect and popularity, or increase your popularity with a disrespectful response against your opponent and create your very own rivalry in the UFC. Career mode is a fun ride, as well as Title and Title Defense mode, which has you on an endurance run of title fight after title fight, but with all fighting games, multiplayer play is the thing to do.

Besides Just the online fighter against fighter play, you can start your very own camp with your friends. In the camp, you can train together, customize your camp logo and motto, and hone your fighting skills in order to take on other camps. If that’s not your thing, you can take on the world in ranked matches, and complete goals that the online portion will give you. Lag is still present, although you can search for matches with a connection priority, which will search for a good connection to make matches feel like you’re playing locally. This option is great, but I still encountered plenty of lag online which was a major problem for me, especially since you have to pay for the online portion.

Like with the EA games, THQ asks you for an online pass for $5 bucks if purchased used, rented, or even borrowed from a friend. It sucks, but at least it is cheaper than the EA pass which will be $10.

Overall this is a great improved on Undisputed 2009, and adds a ton more fighters to choose, while giving you greater options for your own fighter. So you wanna be a fighter? UFC Undisputed 2010 is how!

+ Great roster of fighters to use
+ Improved fighting and options for defeating your opponent
+ Plenty of modes to check out both online and off
- Lag still prominent in Online Play

Developer- YUKE'S Co.,Ltd.

Publisher- THQ, Inc.

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