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“What should we tell them about first, Zach? Oh I know! In our game, Deadly Premonition, the main goal is to follow the trail of murder that has led us to Greenvale, the small town full of people who were devastated by news of a murder that has taken place in their quiet town. Remember when we first got there, Zach? Everyone we met was a potential suspect, and many had secrets that slowly got revealed to us. Many things happened along the way and there plenty of twist and turns that took us about 28 hours to solve. Oh and the ending was…wait! Zach I’m sure they don’t want us to tell them that. Remember, $20 and they can see it for themselves!”

Deadly Premonition is an action-adventure horror game arrived in the U.S as an $20 Xbox 360 Exclusive. The visuals are heavily outdated and with some pretty basic animations that loop over and over, so this is a game that certainly isn’t taking advantage of our HD setups, but over the hours of game-play, the story becomes really engrossing that pulls you in, but will require you to withstand all the other elements of the game.

On paper this game sounds pretty awesome: There are plenty of things to see and do, many characters to interact with, and plenty of game features borrowed from the other games, but unfortunately Deadly Premonition doesn’t mix them together very well. It almost seems like the developer and publisher Ignition knew this as well and decided that its release to America would be a budget title. 20 bucks will get you plenty of game-play and an interesting story to follow, but I think I would have just as much fun with this game as I would reading it if it were a book.

With all that said I’m actually glad I checked out the game though. It’s weird, wacky, and there are plenty of LOL, OMG, and WTF moments that made me laugh out loud. The game doesn’t take itself seriously like other games, and the Zach and York aspect really made it pretty appealing. When I was reading reviews about this game, I mostly heard people label it has so bad it’s good, and that is pretty much how it is.

Overall, if you have nothing to play and 20 dollars in your pocket, Deadly Premonition will keep you entertained for hours. It isn’t a great game, but the craziness and surprisingly good story will suck you in and keep your attention. “Right, Zach?”

+ Great Story, Music (although repetitive), and Characters to interact with
+ Pretty humorous moments for a Horror Game
+ Good Value for $20

- The Game-play, Animations, and Visuals are not that great. “Sorry, Zach, but it’s true!”
- Difficulty Achievements due not stack. You want 1000G? You will need to beat this game three times!

Really Weird: The Entire game and the box art. “Surely we could have been on the cover, eh Zach?”

Developer- Access Games, Inc
Publisher- Ignition Entertainment

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