Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I used to have UFC 2009 and thought it pretty fun and a nice fresh start to MMA games. After playing a ton of the 2010, I was really excited for all the features that the new version would bring. From the swaying, the 100 plus fighters available to use, and the improved ground game, UFC 2010 does enough key things to justify a purchase while keeping the great gameplay of the first one intact.

So far I've created a character for career mode and although you still have to go through menus before fights, there are more options to take on before a match. Customizing your character's skills is improved as well, since now you can take moves from different techniques to create a deadly yet diverse fighter to handle any style of fighting that your opponent's will possess.

The online play, which requires a code like the EA games will, has improved a bit as well, although lag is still present and very annoying. You can search for matches by the quality of the connection, but it won't play as smoothly as you want it which is a bummer since this is where most players will spend their time with the game. Hopefully a title update will fix things, but offline multiplayer is still a blast to play.

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