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It's time for another increase that gamerscore (ITG for short!) This one is for Ubisoft's Stealth Action game, Splinter Cell Conviction. With the exception of one achievement, quality time which requires an Xbox LIVE connection, all the achievements can be obtained in split screen co-op besides the designated campaign ones. The achievements I want to focus on today are the P.E.C Challenges and the Weapon Collecting Achievements.

P.E.C Achievements:

These are objectives that focus on some of the new elements in Conviction. They can be obtained in Single-player, Co-op story, and the various co-op modes. A lot of these challenges involve using gadgets on people, usually three at a time, and there are a few great spots to complete them where multiple enemies are present. The great thing about P.E.C challenges are that once obtained, you can simply restart a checkpoint and still have your progress complete on these challenges. So find a good spot with three or four guys and go down the list of challenges that require completing goals on multiple enemies.

Completing the P.E.C Challenges will give you these achivements:

Preparation Master-Complete all prepare & execute challenges. 30 G

Stealth Master-Complete all vanish challenges. 30 G

Best Of The Best-Complete all Splinter Cell challenges. 30 G

Well-Rounded-Complete all challenges. 50 G

Tips on Weapon Collecting:

These achievements focus on collecting all the weapons, as well as their upgrades. To collect the weapons, all you have to do is complete the single player game, and the first two missions in the co-op mode. You will automatically collect each gun even if you don't use it on a level. The hard part is upgrading them. You will have to do most of the P.E.C challenges since they give you points to spend on upgrades, so save up your points until you collect all the weapons, and upgrade away.

Collecting and upgrading weapons will give you these achievements below:

Weapon Upgraded-Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon. 10 G

Weapon's Expert: Purchase all 3 upgrades for all weapons. 20 G

Weapons Collector- Unlock all weapons in the weapon vault. 20 G

Have fun Increasing that Gamerscore!

Look out for more tips soon!

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