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Microsoft's flagship title is no doubt the fable series. Fable I appeared on PC as a special edition, but Fable II was not available for the console. But Microsoft has confirmed today that Fable III will be arriving to 360 and PC when it ships this fall. PC gamers can pick up the title for 49.99, and 360 for 59.99, but the Console only special edition will be 79.99.

From Kotaku: "Retailing for $79.99, the Collector's Edition of Fable III comes packed with all sorts of goodies to help you immerse yourself in your role as the king or queen of Albion.

Inside a box styled after a book from Fable III you'll find a pack of playing cards featuring characters from the game, and a "Guild Seal" coin with a good and evil side, perfect for those who prefer to leave important decisions up to fate.

Purchasing the Collector's Edition also gives players access to several pieces of downloadable content. There's an exclusive region to explore; a new quest that takes players deep into the forest to recover the fabled sword Wolfsbane; access to the Boxer dog breed; and an exclusive outfit from the lands of Aurora."

Seems like a cool edition, but I might just stick with the regular version. But those cards look pretty cool!

Source- Kotaku

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