Posted by : Unknown Monday, May 3, 2010

Deal of the Week starting today is Zombie Apocalypse. Gold Members of Xbox LIVE can get the game for 50% off the original 800 MSP price. So for 400 MSP, you and your friends can try to survive 55 of the Undead onslaught in the game. Check it out:

"As the zombie infection spreads uncontrollably and the undead outnumber humans, a small band of heavily equipped gunslingers set out to destroy as many zombies as they can and try to save any of the remaining survivors in Zombie Apocalypse.

Up to four players can try and stop the zombie apocalypse with an arsenal of deadly weapons, such as an assault rifle, flame thrower, or grenade launcher, and when ammo is low a chainsaw will be your last line of defense against becoming one of the undead. This action packed, arcade-style shooter will test your dual analog stick shooting skills and ability to survive 55 days of relentless zombie attacks."

Link To Deal- Zombie Apocalypse (341 MB/ 400 MSP)

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