Posted by : Unknown Monday, May 24, 2010

This week another pair of games will be released to Xbox LIVE. Voodoo Dice is an puzzle action game published by Ubisoft, and Doom II is the classic shooter from Id making it's way to XBLA like it's predecessor. Both games will be 800 MSP when they arrive this week. Check out more details below:

"Roll the dice in a mystical world filled with exploration, puzzle solving, and adventure. Voodoo Dice is an innovative puzzler that challenges you to solve puzzles in unique and interesting ways in a quest to conquer the voodoo universe. Experience an endless variety of game play with 60 single-player levels, 20 multiplayer levels, and four multiplayer modes including Race Mode, Flag Mode, Tactic Mode, and Arcade Mode. Voodoo Dice will win you over with its immersive gameplay and countless hours of Voodoo fun"

"After the events of Doom, Hell has found it's way to Earth. The last living scientists develop a plan to evacuate what's remaining of the human race with enormous space ships. Unfortunately, the Demons have taken control of the only spaceport, and it's up to you to take it back."

Look out for Voodoo Dice and Doom II this Wednesday! (May 26th)

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