Posted by : Unknown Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Halo Reach Beta officially Kicks off this coming Monday, but many websites out there had some codes to giveaway, and I was able to get one, so you can read my impressions below:

At least for now, I wasn't able to play Invasion, so I stuck mostly to Free For All and Grab bag, a team based playlist ranging from Team Slayer, Covie Slayer with Elites, and Capture the Flag which popped up a little too much for me. The Voting system is much better with 3 choices and one "None of the Above" to pick. You can change your vote at anytime time until voting ends. This makes it easier to enjoy the matches you want to play. Another cool feature is the Armor Customization. Pieces are bought using cR, or Credits you earn, and are all aesthetics only. I'm the Beta will only have a few, and pleny will be available for the Full game in the Fall. The new default controls felt weird at first, but a match or two later I was already used to them.

Overall the Beta is really impressive so far and once the 1.15 GB file is ready for download to everyone on Monday, I'm sure Invasion will be included.

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