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Bungie has detailed more information about Halo Reach in their April 2nd Update some more information regarding the arsenal of weapons and abilities at our disposal in Halo Reach:


Think of these as default classes in Call of Duty. They can't be change or customized, so every player you face will have the same options as you in various multiplayer modes. These loadouts below are also varied depending on the gametype to keep the balance in Multiplayer that Bungie has worked hard to keep.

-The Armor Lock-

Looks pretty awesome, right? This ability grants you invincibility for a short amount of time, and sends out a EMP blast for anyone who attempts to get near you. The Lock will also stop grenades from harming you, as well as block anyone attempting to run you over. The only problems that come from using the Lock is that you are stationary, and very vulnerable once the lock is disengaged, making you a welcome target to snipers waiting for your Lock to fade away.

I'm not sure what gametypes you can use this in, but I could imagine someone using this while holding the oddball to score some extra seconds.

-Elite Evading-

Bungie wants players to feel differnent when they choose to play as a Spartan or Elite this time around, and have given both different abilities to use:

-Spartan Sprinting-

We can finally spring as Spartans, but while in use, no weeapons can be used. Sprinting will be a great way to

-Overview of Reach Weapons-








Source- Bungie.Net

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