Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 hours, 19 minutes, 59 second as of this post is when Xbox Live on original Xbox is suppose to end. Online gaming was becoming more popular even before the Xbox came around, with PC gaming being the place for it. But Microsoft knew one day online play would be a key component to gaming, and built the Xbox with a Ethernet port and when it launched Xbox Live with a subscription and high-speed internet would be required to enjoy the feature. There were many great online games for the Xbox, but it wouldn't be until Halo 2 that things became a major deal.

Millions of players hopped online and Console gaming became a serious outlet for online gaming. And let's not forget Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow that innovated a genre, Rainbow Six for serious clan matches, and all the great games to ever have online play on the Xbox. Xbox Live also provided downloadable content for free and for purchase and something that has grown to be normal today. Without The Xbox and the success of Xbox LIVE, online gaming would be very different today. So hop online and play a Xbox game, for the last time!

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