Posted by : Unknown Thursday, April 15, 2010

I wanted to write this on Tuesday, but thanks to the freezing issues, I wasn't able to play that much. Now that I have spent a few hours with the game, I can safely say that Splinter Cell Conviction has been worth the wait so far.

I honestly haven't played that much of the singleplayer campaign, but the Deniable Ops Mode is a ton of fun. With or Without a friend, you can test your stealth skills in the various game modes that Conviction offers. The big gameplay element which is the Mark & Execute feature, really feels sweet when you use it, and it kinda reminds me of using V.A.T.S in Fallout 3.

I've read that the campaign isn't that long, so I'm hoping to write a review pretty soon for the game, so look out for that later.

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