Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Despite a rocky launch involving updates, playlist errors, and slow downloads, the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map is now available for Xbox 360. Coming later for PlayStation 3 and PC, The Map Pack as you probably know brings 3 new maps to the table, and 2 greats from Call of Duty 4.

The 2 remakes: Crash and Overgrown, play almost identical to how they originally were, with the exception of new killstreaks and perks to used. Infinity Ward had to be careful when picking the maps since the new perks in Modern Warfare 2 could throw off the balance that they have established, but so far things seem great and it's fun to play on these maps again.

The three brand new ones: Storm, Bailout, and Salvage, all feel great and varied and fit right in with the fast paced action that MW2 brings. In the end, these maps are a great addition, but it's still pretty hard to swallow the $15 price point that the pack brings. This is a must buy for those that play Modern Warfare 2 with friends and for competition on a daily basis, but for others that can't get past the 1200 MSP price, wait until they reduce the price.

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