Posted by : Unknown Monday, March 22, 2010

From Major Nelson- "What do you get when members of the Xbox LIVE team hang out with members of the Bing team? Good ideas…that’s what. The next time your open your browser, swing over to Bing and and when you enter the magic search term, you’ll end up with the results of your search…PLUS a very special gift for your Xbox LIVE Avatar from the two teams. Grab it while you can, not sure how long it will be around."

The free gift is a Avatar T-shirt for your Male and Female avatar T-shirts. The codes below are reusable so copy them and send them as messages to your friends!


Bing avatar Male Shirt: PHT9P-KXR4Y-BB6BY-VFMPD-THT4T

Bing avatar Female Shirt: VFH6P-9FJKK-KKP9G-H4DRH-WTCFM

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