Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So far I'm about an hour into the game and it's seems to be slowly introducing you into the gameplay mechanics for the new battle system. The visuals are pretty impressive even though the Xbox 360 version is spread across three discs which have compressed cutscences. It's not that big of a deal unless you analyze the PS3 and 360 version side by side. The characters so far are pretty interesting and the story actually make some sense although I haven't been playing long enough to fully know what exactly is going on.

The combat system is pretty neat and although you only control one party member in battle, you still have to strategically plan your attacks that can coincide with your teammate's actions.

I hope to have a review in a timely manner, but from what I've heard about the length is that it will take 30+ hours to complete.

How is the game for you so far? Please feel free to leave comments!

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