Posted by : Unknown Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've got 5 codes for the Blur Beta and they are yours for the taking. Blur is an Arcade Stlye Racing with some fun and unique features. There are powerups in the tracks to use that are offensive and defensive to get you further in the race. After each race you will recieve some fans for performance, and fans are what will help rank you up to the next level. Blur also is integrated with twitter, so you can choose which stats to tweet to your friends, including challenges, track times, and number of fans.

Go To: Blur Beta Sign Up here

Use these tokens to sign up:

These are the tokens to use


After Registration, Confirm your email and wait for a Xbox LIVE code, accompanied by a free 48 hour code!

If you use a code please be sure to leave a comment so people will know which ones are taken.

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