Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Xbox Live Block Party Kicks off today with Toy Soldiers. It's mostly an RTS, but you can actually control your units manually which is really cool. Check out more details below:

"Command your TOY SOLDIERS in epic, action-packed battles set in a World War I toy diorama. Assemble your troops and position your defenses before the enemy storms over the top! Then take direct control of your artillery to bomb the enemy positions, pilot your bi-plane against the enemy trench, or maneuver your tanks across No-Man’s Land… and lead your TOY SOLDIERS to victory! Play the single-player campaign and dive into two-player head-to-head combat, local or on Xbox LIVE."

Link To Trial- Toy Soldiers Trial (687 MB)

Link To Full Game- Toy Soldiers (687 MB/ 1200 MSP)

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