Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The release Schedule for the Xbox Live Arcade House Party has been revealed. Of couse we couldn't get Perfect Dark first, but the wait is almost over as it will finally arrive March 17th. Toy Soldiers will kick things off, followed by Scrap Metal, Perfect Dark, and then the Game Room. Microsoft will once again reward you if you purchase them all with 400 Points and a free Month of Xbox Live. This all happens pretty soon, so get your points ready!

Toy Soldiers-March 3rd (1200 Points)

Scrap Metal-March 10th (1200 Points)

Perfect Dark-March 17th (800 Points)

Game Room-March 24th (Free download)

(400 Points for the game on PC and 360)

(250 Points for PC or 360)

(40 Points per play)


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