Posted by : Unknown Thursday, February 18, 2010

In case you already have the game, the DLC for Resident Evil 5 can be yours right before the Gold Edition of the game arrives in March which will include all the new downloads for a discounted price. Lost in Nightmares is the first piece of new content and can be yours for 400 points and includes new achievements and new characters for Mercenaries:

"This is the first installment of new content for RESIDENT EVIL 5. During the main story of RESIDENT EVIL 5, Chris Redfield alludes to a mission where he lost his partner Jill during a conversation with Sheva. Now you can find out what happened during that mission at Spencer's estate. This package also allows you to unlock two new characters in the all-new The Mercenaries Reunion. Play as one of the unsung heroes of the original RESIDENT EVIL, Barry Burton, or step into the designer-made high heels of one of RESIDENT EVIL's newest villains, Excella Gionne. There are also additional figures available in Extra Figures to round out this action-packed package."

Link To Content- RE5 Lost in Nightmares(537 MB)

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