Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two new games arrive this week with Vandal Hearts (1200 Points) and Death by Cube (800 Points) for Xbox Live arcade. Check them out!

"Konami’s legendary tactical RPG series returns with Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment for Xbox LIVE Arcade! Experience speedy RPG gameplay, beautiful environments and multiple endings for endless replayability!"

Link To Trial- Vandal Hearts (594 MB)

Link To Full Game- Vandal Hearts (594 MB)

"DEATH BY CUBE is an exhilarating action game in which you must take out endless hordes of enemies, while avoiding the rapid barrage of their fire that envelopes the screen. Take advantage of your shooting, as well as "dash" and "shield" abilities in order to clear each level and gain the medals which are awarded according to the score you achieve. By using the chips gained from completing levels, you can upgrade your character and focus on shooting, or on other abilities. "

Link To Trial- Death By Cube (280 MB)

Link To Full Game- Death By Cube (280 MB)

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