Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rare has confirmed on their twitter that Perfect Dark is coming Early 2010 which is still Winter. Here's for a January Release! Also New Picture Under Joanna! Original Posting Below:

Ever since E3 we have had only bits of information regarding the release of Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade. We knew it was going to be a HD version of the game with updated visuals and Xbox Live play, but the Winter 2009 release window is almost gone. Then yesterday Xbox Live's Major Nelson tweeted this:

"For those asking: Perfect Dark Zero will be coming to Arcade in a few months. That's all the info I have."

He then corrects himself since a few may have thought he meant Perfect Dark Zero for Games on Demand or something, but this is the only information we have on the release date of the game.

If it needs to be delayed, that fine by me. I want it to be as great as I remembered it and even better, but still I want it now! How great would this be to play around Christmas time online with friends. It would be the "perfect" gift for many, and even for those who never played the N64 Classic, could to check what the Hardcore fans have been talking about for quite some time.

I posted the new screen Rare put up yesterday, and now today there is a new one featuring Joanna Herself. Are these daily images leading up until the release?

Image Source- Perfect Dark

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