Posted by : Unknown Monday, November 23, 2009

On Decemember 4th of 2008, I wrote this when the NXE came out with avatars:

"We Need Vault Boy Outfits. They are just so cool looking.
The NXE Avatars would look pretty cool with these Vault 101
duds on. Lets hope Microsoft and Bethesda can make this dream a reality!"

Well...come Novemember 26th, we will get Fallout 3 Avatar items!

Vault 101 Suit – 240 MS Points
Bethesda Game Studios Shirt — 80 MS Points
Fallout 3 Ringer Shirt– 80 MS Points
Vault Boy Shirt — 80 MS Points
Vault Boy Suit — 240 MS Points
Vault Boy Head — 80 MS Points

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