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We are just 2 days away from the release of Modern Warfare 2, and to celebrate the release I wanted to share my top 5 things from the first game. So Check Them out!

Best Character to have by your side-Captain Price

Your leader throughout COD4 as you played the new SAS member Soap Mactavish, was Captain Price, a British operative that knew how to handle any situation thrown his way. I always tried to stick close by him since he took down the enemies pretty well, and his no nonsense attitude really brought the story alive.

Favorite Mission- All Ghillied Up

This mission was great for two reasons: You played as Captain Price, and the exhilarating elements that made the mission stand out in the great action packed campaign. You donned a Ghillie suit for the entire mission in an attempt to get close enough to take out Imran Zakhaev. Getting to him required a great amount of stealth, and there were many moments of relief when you were able to pass the enemy soldiers.

Favorite Multiplayer Gun Class- Sub Machine Gun

The action packed multiplayer that is still played to this day had a slew of guns and attachments to chose from, and the sub machine became my favorite. Having a Silenced MP5 with a nice perk or two really helped me rack up some kills, and I can't wait to see the new sub machine guns that Modern Warfare 2 will offer.

Craziest Moment- Having a playable character die

Sergeant Paul Jackson was the second character you played as in COD4, and his time was pretty short. After a mini nuclear bomb goes off, you are left as Jackson wandering around in the aftermath until he slowly dies. It was pretty crazy and wasn't even the end of the game

Hardest Achievement Evar!-Mile High Club

After you beat the game, you play a quick epilogue mission where you must rescue a VIP on an airplane over taken by enemy forces. To get the Mile High Club achievement associated with it, you must complete this task on Veteran and in about one minute. Many that have played the game still haven't received this achievement. It was really hard to get, but following great videos on youtube helped me get the hardest achievement evar!!

Well that about it for the moments. Now onto the wait for Modern Warfare 2!! See you Online!

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