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Is it worth all the hype? Read the Review and find out what we think!

Modern Warfare 2 is here, and it improves upon the great formula Infinity Ward had with Call of Duty 4, and kicks things up even higher this time. From the great campaign, to the new Spec Ops mode, and the multiplayer that will be enjoyed for years, Modern Warfare 2 is ready to take over Halo as the king of online shooting on a console. This time, were going deeper and hitting harder!

Let's start off with the campaign. Don't worry, no spoilers here, just a basic overview of what it brings. Taking place roughly 5 years after COD4, Modern Warfare 2 has you controlling multiple characters in classic Call of Duty form, with most of your time being spent alongside Soap Mactavish, the playable protagonist from the first Modern Warfare, only this time he is giving you orders and has been promoted to Captain. You'll fight all over the world, and will engage in combat for many different reasons, as you try to get rid of the main antagonists and their evil motives. With Imran Zakhaev gone, his loyal follower Vladimir Makarov steps up to lead and has some plans of his own, with revenge of Zakhaev being a major priority.

The campaign is about the same length as COD4, with many great sets of intense action that almost never lets up. It's more sweet than short, and any more might throw off the careful balance between quality and quantity that Infinity Ward possess. One issue that has been addressed which everyone will appreciate is the respawning nightmare where enemies would come from everywhere and never stop until you moved up to the next area. This made playing on the higher difficulties a frustrating occasion, and thankfully it has been reduced greatly and from my time with the campaign, almost nonexistent.

Now let's talk about spec ops. To break it down, I would say its like the most high impact missions from Campaign mode, with a score system implemented and a real live buddy to help you out. Spec Ops can be played Solo, Split-screen with 2 players, and online although there is no quick match or anything, you just simply invite a friend to play and you're off. Each of these missions, about 23 in all, offer three stars to earn. Most of these stars are based on the level of difficulty you will play on, but some levels base the star on what you do. Say for instance the Snowmobile race where depending on your time, more or less stars will be awarded to you. Each mission has requirements for obtaining the stars, about 69 in total, and playing through each multiple times will help in obtaining them all and perfecting your runs to earn all the stars. There are many achievements related to Spec Ops, which makes it a great addition to Modern Warfare 2.

Last but definitely not least is the multiplayer. Its the same great experienced based multiplayer with tons of guns, perks, and ranks to unlock, but there are so many new tweaks here and there to improve upon the greatness established in Call of Duty 4. Perks can now be upgraded, so using Marathon long enough will change to Marathon Pro, and so on, which allows you to check out each perk and see what benefits are given when you upgrade them.

Many guns return to use from Modern Warfare, but there are tons of new additions that are all pretty balanced and fun to use so far. Perks and kill streaks return as well, and now there are death-streaks, which will help you get back into the groove of taking out enemies by given you quick abilities after you've died a number of times without a kill.

There's so much to enjoy in Modern Warfare 2, and the multiplayer will keep you up late as you move toward the level cap of 70, only to prestige and start over again, but there are now benefits to doing so.

Overall, its safe to say Modern Warfare 2 was worth the hype, and a great game to play over and over.

+Continuation of the Great Modern Warfare Story from COD4
+Amazing Visuals and Smooth 60fps
+Spec Ops and Multiplayer will tide you over for a long time
- A few unanswered Questions from The Story line bothered me a bit
Good or Bad?-The Multiplayer is killing my productivity!

How does it play?

A lot like COD4: Modern Warfare which is definitely not a bad thing

How long does it last?

The Campaign Mode took about 7 hours, and the multiplayer will last a very long time. People are still playing COD4, and Modern Warfare is promised to have more than DLC than COD4, so more stuff will encourage us to keep the game in our collection

Is it a buy or rent?

Well if you play online and play with friends, this is a definite yes, However if you're just a single player kind of person, It may be a rent for the great story and splitscreen spec ops and multiplayer.

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