Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Addicting Puzzle arcade game Peggle has its newest expansion, Peggle Nights, for download on Xbox Live. For 400 points you will get 60 new levels and challebges, along with new power up and trophies:

"Stay up late with the next episode of PopCap’s peg-busting phenomenon and meet the Peggle™ Masters’ nighttime alter egos. Enter a dreamscape world featuring 60 new Adventure levels, 75 new challenges, and befriend a new Peggle Master. Wield 11 Magic Powers, score new style shots, and rack up tons of bonus points. Stock your Trophy Room and prove your Peggle prowess in four game modes including four-player Xbox LIVE® multiplayer play. It’s Extreme Fever under the silver moon... catch it in Peggle Nights today!"

Link to Peggle Nights- Peggle Nights (22 MB)

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