Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Although Pandemic is closed, the core developers are still working for EA on future games, including the Just announced Mercenaries Inc. I read about this first on Kotaku, and the game appears to be a multiplayer focused game in the Mercenaries universe.

"‘Mercs Inc’ (working title) is the latest entry in the action series first made popular by Mercenaries in 2005 and most recently by Mercenaries 2: World in Flames™. Mercs Inc will be the first Pandemic game to be developed by the studio at its new home in Playa Vista. Mercs Inc will also be the first Pandemic game released after the launch this December 8th of the award-winning World War II action-sandbox game, The Saboteur™."

I'm a big fan of the previous Mercenaries game, so this one seems like it will fit in as long as there are tons of explosions and crazy characters to control!

Source- Kotaku

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