Posted by : Unknown Thursday, November 19, 2009

I picked this game up last night after a little hesitation, but now I'm glad I did. When the original came out, I was so excited that I preordered and purchases the Limited Edition, only to find a game that looked great, but fell short of what I was expecting from it. All the repitive missions and transitions between Desmond and Altair bothered me after a few hours, but I still enjoyed the Game. Thankfully Ubisoft listened to the feedback, and almost all the problems with the first game have been addressed, and this sequel feels so much better.

While you'll still be checking out what is happening with Desmond Miles from time to time, most of the game so far has kept me in control of Ezio, another great assassin and great relative to Desmond like Altair. Ezio feels like a more developed character, with players starting out just learning the basics with him before events occur that lead to his new profession as an assassin in the Renaissance.

The controls are similar to the first game, but feel much better and more responsive, and the combat has greatly improved as well. The game is supposed to be around 18 hours, so look out for my review when I complete the game.

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