Posted by : Unknown Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey guys, Happy Halloween! To celebrate, I wanted to share my scariest moments Ive had with games. Here they are!

#5-Running away from the Bear in Condemned 2: Bloodshot- Man this was scary! I was just walking into the cabin in the game, and out of nowhere, I started to hear growls or something, then Bam! You're running away from a Bear. It was pretty awesome and scary at the same time.

#4-First Encounter with the Tank in Left 4 Dead-When this game came, I played it with my friends alot, and I remember hearing the little tune that plays when the Tank runs after you. After a few seconds of us looking around, we discovered a Car being hurled at us by the Huge Creature. I think knocked me down and began beating me until I died, but I fought back shooting my little pistols as fast as I could!

#3-Exploring Ravenholm in Half-Life 2-There's a reason people don't go there: It's freakin creepy! But Gordon Freeman has no choice when he becomes blocked off from Alyx in the game. You and your trusty Gravity gun must venture alone in the town until Father Grigori lends a helping hand.

#2-The Start of Resident Evil 2-I was about 10 or 11 at time. I remember frantically shooting all the zombies in the begging, and having to really scavenge for ammo. The Graphics at the time were pretty good, and made me fear looking outside my window at night.

#1-Every Silent Hill game- My favorite Horror game has enough creepy moments to keep you up at night. Specicially in Silent Hill 2, where I would stop playing the game after 10 p.m.

So that's my list, Happy Halloween Guys!

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