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Although this edition of the Hitman Franchise is available on the PS2, Xbox, and PC, I really enjoyed it the most on the 360. Why do I think it's a Next Gen Gem? Read on to find out!

Hitman: Blood Money in my personal opinion is the best of the Hitman games. This one allows you to fully be in disguise and you no longer have to worry about walking or running when around guards when finding your way to targets. The Visuals have been drastically improved and thanks to the Xbox 360, achievements that are worthy to have on your gamercard.

The Story in Blood Money involves a reporter interviewing a former agent as they discuss the assassinations Agent 47 has been involved with over past few months. Without giving too much away, it tells how notorious Agent 47 really is as the reporter finds out about the behind assassinations and cover ups surround the Cloned assassins.

Gameplay in Blood Money involves the typical targets to kill, although this time Notoriety and Money comes into play. After each mission, you have the option to bribe the local police and witnesses in order to stay undetected on missions.

The cool thing about Blood Money is a newspaper that describes how you killed the targets and any other people that got in your way. So for example if you choose never to lower your Notoriety, every one will know who you are at the beginning of missions and will attempt to kill you on sight. It's a great feature, and makes Blood Money more replayable than previous games.

The weapons you receive are pretty diverse, and the custom weapons allow for some great ways to play the game. You can silence guns, add accessories to make bullets pierce walls, and even different types of bullets to the various guns you will receive.

As Agent 47, you have more freedom than ever to play a mission the way you want to play. The new and unique feature to Blood Money was killing the enemy in ways that make it look like accidents. You can push targets over balconies, Poison foods, and tweak the valve on propane tanks to explode a certain target that loves to cook in his room. There are many more, and all are so much fun to do.

This game should be around the $20 dollar price tag in most places, and it's a great game to "kill" the time away. 4/5

+ Greater freedom than previous games
+ Impressive visuals and a another great soundtrack by Jesper Kyd
+ Great Story that leaves you wanting more time with Agent 47
- Not too many negatives in my opinion, I just Hope the Next game has some sort of Cool Multiplayer feature.

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