Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another game scheduled for this year has been officially delayed. Alpha Protocol will now be coming out in Spring 2010.

From Kotaku-

"Those retailer listings that pointed to a slip for Obsidian Entertainment's "espionage RPG" Alpha Protocol look more accurate today, as Sega has updated the game's ship date to spring of 2010, a full year after its originally planned release."

Here's what we can expect to see when the game does come out:

"Redefined RPG: A classless system gives you the ability to mold Thorton into the secret agent you want him to be with lethal close combat techniques, marksman skills, proficiency with gadgets, and much more.

International spy: Travel around the world to international safe house locations to obtain information, mission objectives, and conduct meetings with a growing list of contacts.

Dialogue stance system: With an innovative real-time dialogue system, the characters in Alpha Protocol will react to Thorton's each and every word. Caution and wit are needed -- the stakes are high and the tensions mount in conversations that will have you on the edge of your seat."


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