Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Having just hit the 2 hour mark into the game, I'm really enjoying the initial feel of Borderlands. I didn't have to adjust too many controller options and instantly went in and had a great feel for the combat. I chose to play as Mordecai for now, who specializes in long range combat and has the ability to use bloodwing, his pet bird that swoops down and attacks the enemies nearby.

So far I have found about 15 guns and each were varied in look and power. I'm about level 8 right now, so I'm struggling a little bit with some of the higher leveled enemies, but I wanted to take the risk to gain some quicker experience.

The Game looks great in motion, and the music really helps to immerse you into another great post apocalyptic universe that Pandora brings so far. Look out for a Full Review Soon. In the mean time, back to Borderlands!

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