Posted by : Unknown Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lode-runner will be 800 Points for the week of September 14th. The game originally came out at that price, but was quickly changed to 1200 Points. Good News for Lode-runner fans (Like Myself!) that didn't purchase the game when it originally came out.

Check out the Lode Runner Demo to see what it's like to see if you want to get it when the price drops.

Twisted Pixel Announce Comic Jumper

The Team behind the Maw and Splosion Man are at it again. Check out the details on Comic Jumper:

"Rest time is over. We're hard at work on our third original IP. If you liked Splosion Man, you're going to love this one.It's the game we've always wanted to make... now we are.That's all for now, stay tuned. "

Comic Jumper Trailer

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