Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The final game for Microsoft's Arcade promotion is Shadow Complex. This game has the quality of a retail to me, and looks like a lot of fun. Probably one of the only games I would happily pay $15 for. Check out the Details:

"You’ve entered the mysterious world of Shadow Complex. Now you must save Claire and stop the Restoration! Discover game-altering power-ups and weapons, plus more than 100 other items. Use new abilities to infiltrate the secret underground base. Defeat legions of enemies and battle futuristic bosses throughout the huge game world, with hours of intense gameplay unlike anything on Xbox LIVE Arcade! "

* Original game: This completely original game features full 3-D side-scrolling action. The incredible next-gen graphics and robust physics combine with an open, evolving world design mixed with an awesome, compelling action-thriller story.

* Power-ups: Seek out 17 unique game altering power-ups, with more than 100 additional items and modifiers to discover and use.

* Bad guys: Fight against a large variety of enemies and experience massive, jaw-dropping boss battles.

* Pick up and play: The super-tight controls are simple and intuitive but also allow advanced players additional depth and precision.

* Award winning talent: Developed by Chair Entertainment, creators of OXM's Downloadable Game of the Year, Undertow, and produced by Epic Games, creators of Gears of War.

Shadow Complex will cost 1200 Points ($15.00) and will take up 835 MB of Space

Link To Trial-Shadow Complex Trial

Link To Full Game-Shadow Complex Full Game

Great Summer of Arcade this Year, Microsoft!

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