Posted by : Unknown Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another game is being held back this year, with Capcom's Dark Void. Originally set for the Fall, Dark Void will now be released sometime in 2010, along with a slew of games from Ubisoft and Take Two.

Although it won't be out this year, The box art for Mass Effect 2 has been revealed. Default Shepard is back on the cover, along side a female human and male Krogan. In case you never played the first game, Mass Effect 1 will be released on Games on Demand from Xbox Live on August 11th alongside the New Xbox Live Update.

The third pack for Fear 2 will feature more campaign missions instead of the usual multiplayer maps. Players will take the roll of Replica soldier and the content will also have a free update for multiplayer that will add slo-mo power-ups to have a quick edge on the opposite team. The content will be available on September 3rd.


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