Posted by : Unknown Thursday, July 23, 2009

The King of Xbox Live will be getting a series of Anime Shorts. Titled "Halo Legends", the Anime will include events in the Halo Universe that we may and may not have played:

"Microsoft's new project, which it's announcing Thursday at Comic-Con for the first time, is a series of seven shorts set in the Halo universe and done in Japanese anime style.

Anime geeks will recognize the five production houses working on the films -- Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4[Degrees]C, and Toei Animation -- as well as the creative director helping to oversee production for Microsoft: Shinji Aramaki, director of "Appleseed" and "Appleseed Ex Machina."

Microsoft is financing and overseeing production through 343 Industries, its new internal division that's in charge of everything Halo. It's planning to preview them on the online gaming service Xbox Live this fall and has then enlisted Warner Bros. -- the game companies still need a little help from Hollywood -- to release them on DVD, Blu-ray and other digital platforms in early 2010."

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