Posted by : Unknown Monday, June 1, 2009

Microsoft came, saw, and conquered as the first presenters at E3 with some amazing announcements. Here's what you need to know about the future of the Xbox Brand:

-Cinematic Trailer for The Beatles Rock Band shown. 9.9.09. DLC down the line and 1
Exclusive Song for 360

-Modern Warfare 2 was demoed live and included snowmobile gameplay and a new character called Roach. The demo featured what looks like COD 4 Character Soap Mactavish leading you

-Final Fantasy XIII was shown on the Xbox 360 and will be out Spring 2010

-Microsoft announced Major Exclusive titles

-Shadow Complex- Xbox Live Arcade game from Epic. Out this Summer

-Crackdown 2 is confirmed

-Left 4 Dead 2: New Characters and melee gameplay. Out Nov. 17 09

-Splinter Cell Conviction: Out Fall 09

-Halo 3 ODST was demoed and will be out 9.22.09 and Halo Reach is announced and will be out 2010. Hal Reach will have a beta that will be included with ODST

-Alan Wake will see the light! Game was demoed and will be out Spring 2010

-More Additions to the Xbox Live Experience:Que movies for Netflix from Xbox 360,Twitter, Facebook,, Sky TV, and Live Party which will allow players to watch movies and TV shows together

-Metal Gear Solid: Rising is announced and will be out for Xbox 360. You will play as Raiden

-New Motion Control Camera "Project Natal" announced and demoed in different situations. No Controller required and features voice recognition

Overall a nice Conference to set the wave. Good Job Microsoft!

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