Posted by : Unknown Monday, June 8, 2009

I guess it arrived later in the day last Wednesday, but Cell Factor is out for Xbox Live Arcade. The demo is pretty fun, and allows you to play around with the three types of characters and battle against some bots. It kind of reminds me of Unreal and shadowrun. Check out the details:

"CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a fast-paced first person multiplayer shooter. Choose your side in the battle of technology vs. humanity. Manipulate your environment and kill your enemies with your choice of gunfire and/or telekinetic superpowers. Use your mind to rip objects from the environment and smash them in any direction or use your powers to create a bullet-proof energy shield. Flying, teleporting, and accelerated speed give you countless ways to kill or be killed. Take on the three single player challenge modes (one mode for each character) or battle live enemies throughout the world in one of four multiplayer modes!"

Cellfactor costs 800 Points ($10.00) and will take up 310 MB of Space

Link To Trial-

Link To Full Game-

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