Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The next batch of content is here for Fable II. "See the Future" includes many new items, and even new dog breeds! Check it out:

"Strange new quests, new dog breeds and a vision of your future await you in this premium download. Murgo, trader of highly unusual and magical items, has returned to Bowerstone, and he has brought with him objects that will transport you to worlds and quests no Hero has ever faced before. Bring colour back to the world, dress up in creature costumes, compete in a new combat arena and find out what awaits you in Albion’s distant future. If you have the See the Future (Premium) pack and want to play co-op as normal, your co-op partner will need to download the Fable II See the Future (Free) or (Premium) pack. To enjoy the complete See the Future experience in co-op play, both players must download the See the Future (Premium) pack."

See The Future will cost 560 Points and take up 484 MB of Space.

Link To Free Version-

Link To Premium Version-

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