Posted by : Unknown Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two new Xbox 360 are here for you to check out. We get another Red Faction Demo, which is multiplayer this time, and a demo for Tiger Wood PGA 10. Check out the details:

"Download the multiplayer demo for Red Faction®: Guerrilla™ and put your demolition skills to the test with up to 10 players in Damage Control, a multiplayer mode unique to Red Faction®: Guerrilla™. Two teams vie for control over three targets. Destroy enemy targets and then rebuild them with your Reconstructor to score points. Wreak havoc with 9 futuristic weapons and 5 backpacks using guerrilla tactics and strategic destruction in this revolutionary third-person shooter."

The Red Faction Multiplayer demo will take up 627 MB of Space.

Link To Demo-

"The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo will let the user play on two holes on both the Bethpage-Black and Turnberry courses. This is intended to let them experience the new in-game features we are implementing. They will also be allowed to take part in a two hole practice round at these two courses. In Tournament Challenge they will be allowed to participate in a single challenge from this feature in order to get a preview of the mode. There will also be a number of feature preview screens that allow the player to read about the rest of the upcoming features in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10."

The Tiger Woods PGA Tout 10 demo will take up 2 GB of Space. Man! That's as big as GTA IV The Lost and Damned! Make sure you have the space if you want to play it.

Link To Demo-

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