Posted by : Unknown Monday, May 4, 2009

The barrage of Xbox Live Arcade games contiunes with three new games. The price for each game is a little easier to stomach than these 1200 Point games that have been out. Each games this week will cost 800 Points ($10.00) Check the details!

"The classic ARKANOID comes back to life … in HD! Destroy every block on screen in ARKANOID™ Live! by bouncing an Energy Ball against them with your Vaus! It's the all-time classic arcade game now with achievements and multiplayer co-op play over Xbox LIVE."

"Space Invaders Extreme™ is a total reinvention of the classic Space Invaders, offering a true high-definition experience with upbeat electronic tracks, and dazzling new graphics and gameplay. Multiplayer features are now expanded with four-player versus and co-op multiplayer modes for even more Xbox LIVE® fun."

"Be very, very quiet ... we're wrangling Zombies! Save the city of Potters Field from an infestation of zany zombies in the quirky and comical Zombie Wranglers. Armed with a trustworthy Wrangler-Pack and your own unique special abilities, play as one of the four gallant apprentice Wranglers and rescue your neighborhood before it's too late."

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